Ashwin Kumar Iyer, CEO

Ashwin, Co-Founder and CEO of Vedaanta is a Lawyer and Management Professional, Ashwin has held senior positions in various companies in India and abroad for more than a decade and half. Before Vedaanta, Ashwin headed the Business, Clientele and Services for India’s most branded Retirement Communities and was instrumental in making the concept and the brand as one of the most popular ones in the industry.

A Strategic Marketing Specialist, Ashwin is known for his expertise is ‘Repositioning’ and ‘Productisation’. As a law student he represented India’s first team in an International Arbitration Moot in Vienna in 1997 and won international accolades. As legal professional, he specialised in international trade law and published papers about the International trade laws impact on Indian policies. He is a post graduate in Financial Management and also has other management specializations to his credit.

Ashwin, is also better known as a cultural speaker. He writes and lectures on Vedic and Cultural History of India and their relevance to modern day society. He is also a classical lyricist and Indian percussionist. He is also a founding trustee of TAPAS Cultural Foundation, an organisation in Chennai for Cultural Development. He is the Chief Editor of Seniorz Today, a monthly magazine for Senior Citizens’ Lifestyle. Ashwin is also a sports administrator. A trained archer himself, he is the General Secretary of the Puducherry Sports Archery Association.