ashwinAshwin Kumar Iyer, CEO
A Lawyer and Management Professional, Ashwin has held senior positions in various companies in India and abroad for more than a decade and half. Before Vedaanta, Ashwin headed the Business, Clientele and Services for India’s most branded Retirement Communities and was instrumental in making the concept and the brand as one of the most popular ones in the industry.


kalyansmallS Kalyan Ram, Chief- Business Development

 An accomplished leader with over 30 years of experience majorly in sales, pharmaceutical and advertising, Kalyana Raman has been instrumental in selling over 1500 retire apartments in the last 3 years. Kalyan is an expert in handling any kind of issues with respect to client relations and is highly sales focused.



ravindranDr L Ravindran, Advisor to Board

Mr.L.Ravindran is a finance professional who has held leadership positions and is a functional expert in financial services with two decades of work experience. He is a Post Graduate in Management, Cost Accounting, and Insurance, has a Doctorate in Pension Fund Management. He is also an alumnus of St. Xaviors College, Kolkata and IIMA.