Independent living, in simplest words is a housing arrangement designed exclusively for senior citizens, where the houses are more compact with better navigation and a hassle-free set up. Though it is called independent living, the senior citizens in these communities choose a retire apartment for giving his immediate family a complete retirement from the hassles of everyday life, and hence he chooses to opt for most of the community’s amenities, activities and services.

With the concept of independent living, the residents are given an opportunity to live and participate in activities of the community with like-minded people who also are in their silver years. Independent living with its edge of offering high levels of assistance offered for daily living activities of having round-the-clock help availability with everyday activities, medical assistance and other senior based requirements, is a more preferred option for retire living for those who need no or little assistance but wish to relish their retire lives.

Vedaanta offers comfort with choice for blissful silver years for you.