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How can seniors improve their memory- 6 simple exercises and activities for seniors.


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A good memory is a sign of a healthy mind. Exercising the brain to keep it nourished and cared for is as important as maintaining a routine to ensure a fit body. Exercises sound dull and cumbersome, but they need not be so. Trust us, the activities for seniors we are about to suggest are super fun.

While most of us recognize the need to keep the mind healthy, the conscious effort to make it a daily practice is missing. That is because the moment we assign an end goal to any activity, it loses the fun factor, and all we are worried about is if we are getting any results. 

Let's start by listing the top six activities for seniors to boost memory power.

1. Play the number game: 

Sudoku is a great game that challenges brain cells. The daily newspaper is your source for these number puzzles. Once you get into the groove, we bet it will get addictive. It can be an absorbing activity when you need some me-time. We also know families where this is a competition between members about who gets it right first. 

2. Team up for trivia:

The next time there's a get-together with friends or family, plan a quiz on your favorite themes. It could be identifying the lyrics from the prelude music, the author of a famous quote, the classical ragam of a filmy song, and so on. The field is yours, and it's up to you and your team to make it fun or complex. When the timer is on, the memory muscles stretch quite a bit!

3. Artwork can be a workout:

Any creative pursuit requires brain cells to be active and mindful. Mandala art, for instance, involves intricate detailing and coloring. Our tradition of drawing kolams in front of the doorstep isn't just a routine. It is a science that uses logic and math creatively. Such activities keep the brain alert, tuned to paying attention to details, and stimulated for self-improvement. 

4. List and recall:

Do you like making lists for groceries or travel? Turn it into a memory recall game by writing down what you need and then resist looking into the paper at the store. Pick up items from memory. Carry the list by all means but push your mind to dig into the memory. Writing by itself activates memory cells and prepares the brain to retain better. 

5. Power up through words:

Scrabble is a game that one can never tire of, especially if you are a fan of words and books. Here's another game called Boggle. It is even more fun because it has a timer which makes you think quicker. No timer, you say? The magazine section of the daily newspaper carries similar word puzzles, crosswords, and brain teasers that are equally challenging and exciting. 

6. Three cheers for Checkers, Chess, and Cards:

Did you think these are childish pursuits and you're too old to scream foul at a card game? No! One can never be too old to have fun. Besides, these games trigger the mind to plan, strategize, and make bold moves. Research studies recommend these to strengthen and improve memory. 

So, the next time your grandkids coax you to play games, jump in wholeheartedly for a satisfying round of Chinese checkers, chess, or cards. 

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A society that cares for its senior citizens is a civilized and enlightened society. The aging happens on its own without any prompting from our side! It is an issue of mind over matter…if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!


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