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Why should you have friends in retirement years?


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Why should you have friends in retirement years?

I have a couple of friends with whom I have been friends for over three decades. As is life, we are in different cities and countries and have not met as a group in many years. Serendipitously, all of us got together recently. It was one of the most amazing times to connect and re-live our childhood years. 

These friends know me from my growing-up years, have witnessed my struggles, and have been a part of my successes and failures. We may not talk or chat regularly, but we remain in sync and can pick up from where we left off as though time hadn't elapsed. Isn't this the hallmark of a healthy relationship?

Such long-lasting friendships, I have come to realize, are rare. And yet, friends are essential at every stage in life, particularly during retirement. Retirement years can be beautiful if you have cultivated societal connections. Having a social life is an excellent boost to mental and physical health. 

Why should you have friends in retirement years?

Adult children get busy with their work, family, and friends. They may or may not live closer to you, their aged parents. The feeling of isolation can cause more damage than any physical illness. 

Friends can become the support system in this phase. They offer companionship and compassion during difficult times, an excuse to have fun times, and a safe space to brood.

It's natural to have complaints against family members, dissatisfaction in life, or regrets regarding life-changing decisions. However, when you have friends in the same age bracket, you realize that your anxieties, worries, and discontentment are not peculiar to your life. That can bring a shift in perspectives, and you look at life through a wider lens. 

A new world of entertainment and fun begins when you click with people of your age. You have seen life and been through similar ups and downs. Now, you are unencumbered and free to explore places or experiences. This phase can spell short trips to temple towns, day picnics, movie outings, and much more!

How can you maintain old friendships or cultivate new ones?

Technology has made it possible to connect with old friends and stay in touch. Zoom calls and WhatsApp are bringing living rooms closer and conversations real. Every group would have one resourceful person who took down phone numbers and addresses. Find that person and bring alive the college, school or work days. Don't worry about having lost touch or having nothing in common. People are alike, and their lives follow a similar trajectory in more ways than one. If you had shared a connection at one point, you would most likely connect again. It can also happen that you don't feel the bond anymore. In that case, it's best to leave it and move on.  

Finding new friends in your sixties and seventies might seem daunting or silly. Nevertheless, it's not impossible to cultivate a mutually respectful bond. Look out for similar-minded people in your Bhajan or hobby classes, or see if you can team up with your neighbour for daily walks. Be open to exploring a new hobby or sign up to volunteer. You could find a new purpose or meet like-minded people; a win-win situation. 

Having a purpose in your silver years lifts morale and self-worth. Giving back to society also enhances your mental and physical well-being. Volunteering in a nearby school or sharing your knowledge over platforms like Facebook and YouTube can be highly satisfying and fulfilling. Interacting with your students or audience, irrespective of age is a great way to widen your social circle. 

So, take that step to revive old connections or build new ones.


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