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Kickstart your yoga routine this International Yoga Day- Best Chair Yoga Poses


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Yoga has been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. However, it is only in recent years that yoga has received due recognition and acknowledgement for its far-reaching health benefits. Indian philosophy treats yogic practices reverentially because they help regulate the mind and lead towards higher consciousness. The beauty of yoga is anyone can adopt it in their daily routine irrespective of their fitness level.

Yoga for seniors can work wonders on their flexibility and stamina. While the Embodied form of yoga ranks among the best yoga practices for seniors because the movement is gentle and targets the stiffness around joints, chair yoga is another popular form of yoga where seniors or people with limited mobility can perform the traditional asanas using a chair.

The chair acts as a support mechanism and makes the traditional poses accessible to seniors while building muscles, increasing strength and flexibility, reducing the risk of injury and providing a healthy dose of after-workout dopamine. Chair yoga allows seniors to relax into the poses without worrying about a fall or injury, thus making the practice inward-driven.

Let us incorporate chair yoga into our daily routine, starting with this International Yoga Day. The prerequisites are comfortable clothes and a chair without arms.

 Chair Yoga Asanas Every Senior Can Incorporate Into Everyday Routine:

 Chair Cat-and-Cow


Sit comfortably on the chair without resting the back. Your feet must rest firmly on the ground. Keep the spine erect without being too stiff. As you inhale fully, fill your upper body with the breath and simultaneously arch your spine gently to push the belly out and head tilting behind. Hold for a few seconds and then release to round your back gently while pulling your belly in. Look down and keep your chin close to your chest.

Focus on the breath as you alternate the cat and cow movements gently and smoothly. These will help bring flexibility to the back muscles and strengthen the spine.

Chair Garudasana/Eagle -

Sit close to the edge of the chair and keep the spine erect. Cross your leg thigh over the right and wrap the left calf and ankle behind the right leg. If you cannot wrap the calf and ankle behind, only cross your thighs.

Stretch the arms out and cross the elbows, wrap the arms right until the wrist and interlace the fingers with just the index fingers pointing upwards. If you start with the left thigh over the right, the right elbow should cross over the left, and vice-versa. The arms should be away from the face, and the shoulders should not droop. Repeat the process on the other side.

Take long breaths, in and out, and look ahead. You may close your eyes to experience a deeper flow.

Chair Garudasana improves your posture as it strengthens and relaxes the muscles, right from the upper body down to the hips, while providing a deep stretch.

 Chair Utthanasa/forward fold -


Sit comfortably on the chair with the spine straight. As you inhale, lift your arms above your head. As you exhale, gently bend forward from your hips, letting your arms reach the floor. Keep your head and neck relaxed. You can rest your palms on your shins or the ground, depending on your level of comfort and flexibility.

Stay in the forward bend position for a few seconds before returning to the start point. Ensure you come back to the seated very gently and slowly.

This pose improves blood circulation to the heart, keeping it healthy.

Chair spinal twist - 

Sit comfortably with the spine erect but not stiff. Place the left palm on your right knee, touching it from the outer side. Gently twist your torso to face the right side without turning the hips or legs. Relax the right shoulder and the arm; you could use the right palm to grip the side of the chair. Take a few long breaths, in and out. Repeat the process on the other side.

 This posture works on the pelvis and hips and improves flexibility, digestion, and blood supply to the organs.

Chair yoga for seniors is a great way to incorporate a daily yoga routine for those with issues with balance or mobility. We hope you find these asanas helpful. 

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