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Mindful Mandala Art- a must-try fun, creative and therapeutic activity


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Mindful Mandala Art- a must-try fun, creative and therapeutic activity

Mandala art is a creative representation of concentric circles. Mandala means a 'circle' and has a spiritual significance in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. A mandala is used as a symbol to concentrate upon during meditation. It represents the universe. It is symbolic of the journey of moving inwards, focusing on the core as the outer layers that bind us to the materialistic world blur away. 

A mandala is also the completion of 48 days in Yogic culture. Any practice takes 48 days to become a habit. So, our ancient tradition urged students to work on good habits for at least one mandala so that they became a part of life. 

The art of creating and colouring Mandalas has, in recent times, gained much popularity. While it gives the doer great joy and satisfaction, the art form is used in therapy to treat anxiety, poor concentration, and even depression. 

Why should you try Mandala art?

To express your inner feelings:

Mandalas are abstract or geometric patterns to form concentric circles. The design can be as simple or complex as you like. There is no rule. You can just let your imagination take over. It is, in a sense, allowing your heart to take the lead. Once you let go of the need to be perfect, you can flow with your emotions through this art.

To be mindfully present:

Connecting the dots and curves, filling the colours, or shading parts require one to exercise focus. The intricacy of the artwork can be fulfilling and helps with centering oneself. So often, we let our minds run amok with thoughts about the past or future. Mindfulness in any activity brings a sense of fulfilment that is not dependent on the outcome. Isn't that the true essence of a joyous life?

It can work as therapy:

Our minds are a complex web of feelings. Our past defines us, and our experiences influence the way we operate in this world. Haven't we wished we had responded better to a situation? As humans, we have the intelligence to evolve; take our awareness to the next level. 

Mandala art puts you in touch with your innermost desires and emotions. Even the ones you may be unaware of or subconsciously repressed in the past. The act of drawing shapes or colouring intricate spaces (similar to drawing pulli kolams) helps to release those safely. Many have reported feeling a sense of calm after a session of mandala art.

To enjoy several health benefits:

Working on Mandalas can stimulate the brain cells, trigger happy hormones, relax frayed nerves, and energize the creative juices. Reports have shown that the art form is a powerful stress buster and has even alleviated the post covid trauma in some individuals.

It's fun and satisfying:

Yes, try the art just for pure fun and satisfaction. It is a hobby that you can immerse yourself in for hours together. Who needs a friend or companion when you can weave a world of your own? You only need paper, a pen, a few colours, maybe, and a dash of imagination. There are plenty of books available in the market to get you started. However, you don't really need any prior training. 

This website teaches you step-by-step how to get started:


This video can give you an idea of how you can grow your wings of creativity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2N782GmftI


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