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Top five reasons senior citizens must walk everyday


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Zumba, aerobics, power yoga, Pilates, and the like; I tried all of these before finding a style that suited my needs and interest. Within a few months of trying out each of these, I would eventually fall out of love with them since they either did not meet my goals or felt forced. I finally found a sweet balance between walking and good old yoga. Finding a fitness routine that feels natural and fits your lifestyle is one of the top ways to ensure that you stick to it. 

Walking is one of the most underrated fitness options. With a slew of healthify apps and research stories that sell ideal dieting strategies to trendy fitness programs for a better and longer life, this simple, old-fashioned form of exercise sits on the sidelines with a few takers. 

Walking is the simplest way to incorporate a fitness regimen into your schedule. Especially for those over 60 years, this offers plenty of benefits. It is also an inexpensive way to gain better health. You only need good walking shoes and easy access to well-maintained parks or gardens.

Top five reasons you must walk every day:

Way to a healthy heart

Harvard medical research says that one can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30% by walking for as less as 20 minutes each day. Walking regulates the heart rate and controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels. An ideal pace will pump more blood and oxygen to the heart, strengthening its muscles and keeping it fit.

Aids aching feet and joints

A natural response to stiff joints and pains is to abstain from activities that we believe will aggravate them. You'd be surprised to learn that walking is an excellent remedy to loosen any tightness around your knees. Even when the feet ache, the solution is to walk more often rather than putting your feet up to rest. The principle is the same. Improved blood circulation will fire up and loosen up the blocked arteries that cause stiffness in the first place.

A catalyst for a clear mind

Walking is a fantastic method to clear the cobbled thoughts of the mind. Often, we have seen that a walk outdoors brings clarity of thought. It isn't without scientific evidence. Walking releases endorphins and improves brain plasticity, which helps to gain a better perspective. Many great leaders are known to incorporate a walking routine before making important decisions.

Improves mood and dispels negativity

The fresh air, and natural surroundings, help to breathe in fully. The brain begins to relax, and we forget our worries or anxiety. Nothing like a brisk walk to cool down an agitated mind, right? There are days we feel low and do not want to step out or talk to anyone. The best way to combat negative feelings is to walk barefoot on the grass in your garden, feel the ground beneath, and notice the surroundings. The mood graph climbs up, and one feels much better. 

Enhances sleep pattern

A majority of the elderly complain of not being able to fall asleep at ease. The sleep pattern becomes erratic or even very low to the point of having sleepless nights. A strict regimen that includes daily walks can go a long way in alleviating sleep disorders. Not only will you experience better sleep patterns, but also an improved quality of sleep. 

Do you walk every day? What is the fitness style that you love?

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A society that cares for its senior citizens is a civilized and enlightened society. The aging happens on its own without any prompting from our side! It is an issue of mind over matter…if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!


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