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Top five travel tips for elderly people


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Do you worry before every travel? About reaching in time for a train or flight, or unexpected situations on a long journey? We have put together practical and helpful travel tips that will take off the stress, keep you safe, and ensure you enjoy your holidays.

A trip to a pilgrim site or a fun excursion with peers sounds welcoming, but it may not be the case always. As a group working with seniors living in India, we come across seniors who panic and worry just before the trip commences. 

As we spoke to them, many shared their concerns with us. These ranged from not getting a cab on time, missing flights or trains, misplacing travel documents and falling sick during travel.


As a group that works for elderly care in India, we had a chance to discuss potential mishaps and their solutions with experts and have compiled a list of travel tips for seniors so they can let their hair down and enjoy the break they deserve.

Top five travel tips for seniors to ensure a hassle-free, smooth holiday

1. Prepare a checklist of essentials:

It might seem obvious, but the idea is to make the checklist as detailed as possible. This way, you can ensure you pack essentials like medicines and toiletries, spectacles, a phone charger, a power bank, a water bottle, and socks. Keep adding items specific to your travel needs, such as a neck pillow, a shawl for the flight, some light snacks in the handbag, a lip balm, etc.

Pay attention to the TSA (Travel Security Administration) rules and pack accordingly. Make necessary enquiries about wheelchair facilities or carrying certain types of food and extra water in hand luggage.

2. Sort out the travel documents:

Carry print copies of the passport (on a foreign trip), documents as required by the destination, such as visa or covid-19 reports, and ID proofs. Email digital copies of these to a loved one back home so you have the necessary backup in any unforeseen situation or emergency.

Consider investing in travel insurance. It might seem expensive or unnecessary, but having one saves a lot of trouble and heartache during emergencies, including medical ones.

3. Pack extra medicines:

It's always a good idea to pack medication for a longer-than-intended duration. Make two sets of those and carry one in the hand luggage. When travelling, one should account for unexpected delays in flights or trains, missed baggage that had critical medications, and the like. 

Consult your doctor before any travel. Ensure you have taken the necessary flu shots or booster doses. 

4. Travel light but invest in sturdy trolley cases:

Lugging a heavy suitcase that is unwieldy because it is overstuffed or has a broken rollaboard is a complete no-no. While the best option is to pack light, investing in good-quality spinner luggage makes for a prudent choice. Pack a light-weight and smaller bag for in-between round trips during a long tour.

A porter or buggy services are available at all major airports and stations to ease travel. Do look for these.

5. Take care of your diet and drink water:

Whether you're travelling independently or through a tour operator, plan your meal options by calling the hotel beforehand or letting the operator know, especially if you have food allergies, high sugar, blood pressure, or cholesterol levels. Climatic conditions also play an influencing factor in metabolic activity. So, that's an additional aspect to consider while planning.

Remember to drink water while travelling, especially on long flights. Dehydration is one of the common causes of leg cramps and stomach disorders. 

We hope you find these tips helpful. We would love to hear about your best practices. 

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