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What are micro-communities in senior living and their benefits?

Senior Living in India

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Retirement homes in Coimbatore are coming up in large numbers due to the ideal weather conditions and availability of ample, affordable space with green cover. As demand for senior citizen homes in Coimbatore rises, there's a constant need to meet the varied expectations of what a retiree wants from a retirement home. Earlier communities would offer standard services like food , housekeeping, health care, security etc, but now senior care providers are creating distinct options for the diverse  requirements of the retired population.

According to reports, the senior living population in India is likely to increase to 21% by 2050 from the current (2024) 11%, which means the demand for senior living communities or luxury retirement homes will also double. The percentage of seniors opting to move to retirement homes is on a steady upward graph due to the shrinking size of families, a desire to lead independent lives combined with higher incomes, a rise in life expectancy and growing awareness of self-care.

A growing number of high-net-worth individuals are retiring in their fifties and want to invest towards a stress-free lifestyle that will fulfil their hobbies and passions which are as varied as being an eco-warrior, starting a home-grown business, exploring adventure travel or even learning a new sport.  80% of seniors now want to focus on health and wellness. They are looking for  luxury retirement homes that take care of their diverse requirements through customised options for food and other services, enable a healthy lifestyle, and, at the same time, are equipped to handle medical emergencies. A diverse age group with varied interests and needs calls for personalisation in the services and facilities offered by retirement homes.

As retirement homes in Coimbatore evolve to meet customer expectations, there's an emergent trend of micro-communities focusing on quality over quantity with limited number of residential units within a gated complex. The demand for such communities comes from individuals who prefer an intimate neighbourhood with tailor-made services. There's a perceptible resistance amongst younger retirees towards moving into smaller homes or adhering to strict timings and rules of traditional, large-format retirement communities and hence micro-communities that offer large, spacious homes and complete freddom on lifestyle are being preferred.

Vedaanta Senior Living intimately understands the senior living market and its dynamic needs and requirements like no other provider. Their USP is transparency in customer dealings and genuine involvement in providing the best possible care for their residents. Their latest projects cover an array of exclusive features designed to fulfil every need and dream - from luxury retirement homes to integrated retirement homes to luxury retro-retirement retreats to micro-communities.

Vedaanta Vistara in Coimbatore is a luxury micro-community of just 25 villas within a 2.9-acre land that offers premium services such as a private garden, ample landscaped green areas, modern recreational and fitness avenues like putting greens and badminton courts, personalised nutritional diet plans, customisable multi-cuisine meals at a time that suits you, specialised concierge services, all within a small setting to facilitate privacy and better bonding with neighbours. 

Here at a retirement micro-community, one can customise every aspect of comfort and care. While the size of the community is smaller, the homes are spacious. The facilities are premium and at par with industry standards in the real estate sector. 

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A society that cares for its senior citizens is a civilized and enlightened society. The aging happens on its own without any prompting from our side! It is an issue of mind over matter…if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!


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