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How to have a thriving social life in a senior living community

Senior Living in India

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The decision to move to a senior living community is fraught with many doubts and fears. Amongst them, the foremost is that of social isolation. Leaving a home and city of decades where one has built a family, career, and social circle to move into unfamiliar settings can be challenging. Can one make meaningful connections in the retirement years is something many seniors deliberate on and fear being lonely in a new place. However, if one takes a step back to evaluate in earnest, the advantages of living in senior living communities will put the mind at ease. 

Senior living communities have come a long way in how they look, feel, and perform: from being a house with basic senior-friendly facilities and emergency medical aid to being a dream home of luxurious amenities, daily conveniences, preventive and critical medicare, and invaluable social connections. In a relaxed atmosphere where one does not have to worry about mundane chores or tackling any medical emergencies alone, there is a greater chance of going out and forging connections with peers. 

There are incredible benefits to having friends, especially in your retirement years. Studies have proved that being socially active can mitigate the chances of contracting several old-age-related ailments, including dementia. Talking with like-minded people, laughing away worries, and participating in group activities are known to combat depression and boredom. 

Five ways seniors can forge meaningful friendships in a senior living community

Making friends comes easily to some but can intimidate many others. If you feel awkward about taking the first step in befriending someone or anxious in a crowd, here are five fantastic tips to help you on this journey.

Allow the community to help you:

The biggest plus of moving into a senior living community is being part of a larger community. At the very outset, you are in the company of people and staff members who will look out for you and make you comfortable. Once you move in, the staff will ensure you have everything at your disposal. The well-trained staff understands a senior's needs; they help break the ice and ease you into the community. 

Step out often and use the facilities:

A new home is an opportunity to explore the neighborhood. Senior Living Communities are usually gated complexes with large landscaped areas to walk or jog. You can meet fellow residents at the clubhouse, restaurant, library, or temple (depending on the facilities in the community). Smile and make eye contact with those you come across. Within no time, you'll make acquaintances. 

Take part in group activities:

Senior Living Communities arrange a lot of fun activities for their residents. Be it yoga sessions, music concerts, games, travel tours, or festive gatherings, find what interests you and participate wholeheartedly. These are sure ways to get to know like-minded people who could become good friends. 

Start a hobby club:

There's a greater chance of meeting people with a similar vibe in a hobby class. If you feel the activities in the community aren’t centered around your interest, you could start one of your own where you can invite people who like to do similar activities, such as sloka chanting, gardening, cooking, crocheting, or traveling. 

Relax and have a positive attitude:

Sometimes, we are so worried by the need to be accepted and belong to a place that the journey begins to feel overwhelming. Often, we misread other people's non-verbal cues and withdraw further into a shell. It takes a while to ease into a new environment. But, as you do so, learn to let go of the tiny annoyances and quirkiness from people you may encounter. It is crucial to relax and remain optimistic.

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A society that cares for its senior citizens is a civilized and enlightened society. The aging happens on its own without any prompting from our side! It is an issue of mind over matter…if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!


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